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Infinuvo Clean Mate QQ-3

Unlike the toyish first-generation models released a few years back, robotic vacuum cleaners today are highly-engineered and feature-rich home appliances.

Much like their counterparts in the water, robotic pool cleaners, home vacuum robots epitomize the benefits that Artificial Intelligence can make when applied to basic home chores.

The combination of advanced navigation features and unique cleaning capabilities are giving home owners plenty of reasons to throw out their old manual vacuums and switch to this new category of home appliance.

The traditional vacuum cleaner – even Dyson – may be an endangered species, soon.


The first benefit to any such system is process automation, which, in addition to convenience, saves time.

After setting the program, the robotic takes over cleaning and this reduces the human effort required in the whole process .Additionally, one can set the robotic to clean even when they are away from the home and expect an equally tidy job. Ultimately, the discomfort and possible medical conditions such as backaches become a concern of the past due to little or no exertion by the owner. In the same sense, robotic vacuums are the best option for homeowners with difficulties when it comes to their mobility function. Adding to the wonder of automation; after a cleaning cycle, or when running low on charge, the robotic automatically returns to its charging station.

Cleaning Efficiency

Using advanced sensor technology, robot vacuums are able to detect and efficiently clean most floor surfaces. Crevice tools and other features help to clean hard-to-reach surfaces. Most models do so in their compact design, but some robotic vacuums are collapsible for this function. Whether fitted with vacuum bags or using bag less technology, one can be sure of proper dirt and dust disposal. Most have HEPA filters that are effective and efficient in removing dirt and other contaminants, generally improving indoor air quality.


Robot vacuum technology includes an in-built noise muffing mechanism that reduces the level of noise generated by operating one. Comparing against the average 80-90 DB measure that is characteristic of traditional vacuums, these robotics give a noise output far lesser.


Robotic models are within affordable ranges. The best evaluation, however, lies in comparing this cost with the cost of hiring the services of a housekeeper when using the traditional vacuum. It is evident that investing in a robot vacuum is a more viable alternative. Additionally, other than routine bag, filter and brush cleaning and changing, the robotics are hardy and can last for years while attracting little or no extra maintenance costs. Most robot vacuum developer companies provide guarantee cards and each product package include a comprehensive warranty cover.

Energy Efficiency

With a robot vacuum, one can expect a significant drop in the energy costs. Unlike their traditional counterparts, these robotics power their cleaning mechanisms such as suction using motors with lower ratings and the capacity to hold charge for longer, which translates to lesser energy consumption.

These are only highlights of many other generalized advantages and benefits one can expect from using robot vacuums.

For better understanding of work principle and features, let’s take a close look at three examples of robotic vacuum cleaners today: the Neato XV Signature Pro, Infinuvo clean mate QQ-3 and the iRobot Roomba 880. Each is uniquely designed and offers different capabilities for an efficient cleaning experience.

Infinuvo Clean Mate QQ-3

Infinuvo Clean Mate QQ-3
Infinuvo Clean Mate QQ-3

The Clean Mate QQ-3 is fitted with a dual roller brush that handles dirt, dust and debris on various floor surfaces. The model is also an improvement on older models, having a dustbin sized almost double that of its predecessors, that enhances its capacity to handle debris. It also can clean for up to 90 minutes before running out of charge. Like other models from Infinuvo, the most distinctive feature is an UV lamp, which sanitizes surfaces after conventional cleaning.

Neato XV Signature Pro

Neato XV Signature Pro
Neato XV Signature Pro

The Neato includes virtual mapping with boundaries, cliff sensors and Laser Guided Navigation as it cleans through the house. It uses a bagless bin with an indicator when full. The robotic cleaner functions according to reset instructions and after a cleaning cycle returns to its docking station, which may also be prompted by a low-battery indicator.

iRobot Roomba 880

iRobot Roomba 880
iRobot Roomba 880

A definite upgrade from previous Roomba robotics, the 880 model comes with easy remote control. Stubborn debris stands no chance against the robotics extractor arrangement. Other features include high-performance filters, a dirt bag that one can easily access with a push button as well as caster wheels one can remove.

The future is definitely here with intelligent robot vacuums.s

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