Three New Drinks for Your Margaritaville Blender


The Margaritaville blender or also called the margarita maker is a frozen drink maker that can make a lot of different drinks. You don’t have to always use tequila, either. The creamy smooth ice that these awesome frozen drink machines produce makes great piña coladas, too.

Here are three frozen creamy-style drinks we just tried and really love. Feel free to play with the recipes and make them your own version. Bottoms up and Cheers!

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Why Margaritas Are Essential For Tailgate Parties

Margarita Juicer

The origin of the margarita is Mexican and whether or not you use a Margaritaville blender your party friends are bound to love your drinks. Name of a town near Guadalajara, where the main distilleries of this drink are, made from blue agave (which has nothing to do with saguaro cactus – a symbol of almost everything that comes from Mexico – present even in many bowls of margaritas), the drink should be present in any party, and if you need to serve a lot of people be sure you have a high-quality Margarita machine.

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Kitchen Aid Blenders Are Your Ultimate Friends

Kitchen Aid Blenders Are Your Ultimate Friends

When buying blenders, it is so easy to pick cheaper, low quality blenders. After all, there’s not much difference between most blenders. That’s because most blenders are made to the same low standard, which means you have to replace them every few years.

When it comes to the Kitchen Aid 5 Speed blender, however, there is a big difference in quality, functionality and efficiency.

Kitchen Aid blenders are known to be powerful; in fact, Kitchen Aid claims that in the market, their blenders are the top rated. For many Kitchen Aid users, that is not hard to believe. This Kitchen Aid 5 Speed blender in particular, has a 0.9 horsepower motor that can puree food … Read More

The Top Rated Food Processors in the Market Today

Know the Top Rated Food Processors in the Market Today

Blenders, juicers and food processors have always played an essential role in many families’ lives, as well as for individuals.

For many city dwellers, top rated food processors are the best thing they’ve ever owned. They are an efficient and flexible tool that can be used for many different tasks – including making margaritas, if you want.

Professional athletes, office workers and students have all become dependent on these flexible appliances due to their efficiency and speed of producing food.… Read More