How To Build Your Own Home Theater

home theater set-up

When it comes to building your very own home theater, it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert in designing and decorating or not. Your desire to have one is enough to unleash your creativity and let your imagination go! Certainly, budget and space are critical factors, but you can achieve a fantastic setup if you just do some research ahead of time.

Significantly less money will be spent upon finding the best equipment at the best price. The perfect room infused with your theme, decor, furniture, sound system, HD TV or screen, and lighting preferences will give you with the best possible viewing experience anytime you like!

These factors, along with following a well designed plan, together deliver a home theater system that’s well worth the investment.

Choosing a Room

Before anything else, the designating the right-sized room is the crucial first step of the build-your-own movie theater. It should comfortably fit the home theater system or home entertainment center furniture, seating, decors, and of course, everyone who will get to watch soon after it’s all up and ready. Basements or interior rooms without windows are the best choices for a home theater location in the house. These areas ensure outside light does not enter the room, but if it isn’t feasible, you can keep any room as dark as possible by using blackout curtains or heavy drapes.

Deciding the Theme

Most people pick movies as the theme for and hang framed movie posters or film reels much like what you’ll see in cinemas, thus creating the “movie theater feel.” Some build raised platforms then laden it with soft carpet, while some adapt a stadium seating, nautical, science fiction, or fantasy themes. Your theme may revolve around classic movies for an authentic feel or your favorite blockbuster films for a modern look.

Adding Decor Items

The ideal decor should be made to match your theme. If you picked star wars, then endow the place with accessories that belong to your favorite characters but not in a way that they become a distraction. It doesn’t necessarily have to be extravagant, but there are tons of inexpensive ideas that give off an astounding ambiance imbued with your personal touch. Visit auction sites, local thrift and antique shops, movie memorabilia sites for eclectic items and creative additions to your home theater room. The color scheme and backdrop must be in line with both decor and theme as well.

Furniture Selection

Home Theater Arrangement

Again, this should match your theme and decor. A modern theme would be matched with stylish contemporary chairs, while a classic theme will be matched with a velvety or rustic chair. It can be leather recliners, refurbished movie theater seating, a loveseat, and any idea you deem brilliant! What’s important is that you get a good view of the screen and it is set in a position where sounds are emitted in good quality.

Lighting Ideas

A quick drop ceiling with recessed lighting which can be dimmed or turned off is the best home theater lighting. Other accents include sconces that throw light to the ceiling, lights that line the side of walls, and low lighting fixtures that will not intrude while movies are playing. Install lighting directly onto the stair face of raised platforms to promote safety and prevent tripping.

Audio and Video Equipment

The heart of the home theater system is no other than the equipment for video and sound. You can choose to buy a few at a time to make room for constant upgrades, and make certain you have a budget for high-quality components or better pieces. If you have the luxury then by all means, go all out and build your system all at once.

The television is undoubtedly the center of a home theater, such as a flat panel screen or plasma television and the state-of-the-art 4K and ultra HD. Some prefer mounted equipment since its a space saver compared to projection systems.

Basic Home Theater Set Up

A good surround sound system releases soundwaves throughout the seats within your movie room. Pick only high quality speakers, ideally with a sub-woofer with bass sounds to produce substantial movie-quality sounds that will please the most discerning sound and theater enthusiast.

The AV receiver or amplifier is bound to connect all things together, hence it is essential to acquire a decent piece for optimal conduction of sound and picture. Your choice of audio and video equipment combined can yield a magical home theater unbeatable experience you and your guests will be delighted with!

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