Sonos Speaker System Review

Sonos speakers

Home theaters are becoming more and more popular every day. In the past, most systems were too expensive for the majority of people and only the wealthy people could afford to buy them. Today, things are completely different. Sonos makes speakers and speaker systems that are affordable and sophisticated enough to please any type of user.

A Sonos speaker system can cover an entire home and can help you to play music from any type of medium. This type of system is one of the most versatile audio streaming systems that you can find on the market right now. There are many reasons for people to buy it, but the main advantages of the system are: its ease of use and the wide range of possibilities that it offers.

Reasons to Buy the Sonos Speaker System

One of the key features of this system is its ability to play music in multiple rooms at once. Being easy to set up, Sonos offers you something that you may not even know it is possible. You can start with a simple stereo system and expand whenever you feel the need to do it or when the budget allows it.

From items like woofer (called Sub), soundbar (called Playbar) and speakers (called Play:1. Play:3 and Play:5), you can choose whatever you want. Some people may want to start with the soundbar and use it for their TV. Then, the other items can be added in time in order to have a true home theater system.

Sonos theater system

There are other components that you can add, such as Connect, Connect: Amp and Boost. The settings of the system can be accessed and changed from any smartphone, tablet or computer, by installing only one free app.

The app allows you different choices. For example, you can choose to play a song simultaneously on only some of the rooms in your home, in one room, or in all of them. In order to use the system, all you have to do is to place one or more speakers in your home and connect the speakers to your wireless network using the free app.

Play:1 can provide an amazing and robust sound in a compact speaker.

Play:3 is meant to provide great performance and incredible versatility.

Play:5 is meant for bigger rooms.

The Playbar works great with a TV and Sub delivers great bass. When you combine a Playbar with Sub and Boost, you obtain a 3.1 home theater. If you add two Play:1 you obtain a 5.1 home theater.

Are There Any Cons?

There could be an inconvenient thing for some people. The system is only able to play music at CD quality. If you want a better quality than the one of a CD, you may have to look for other products. While the performance is great on this system, there are other systems that can provide a better performance.

This one negative feature can be overlooked if spending less money on a home theater is more important to you than having the best quality and performance on the market.

With the Sonos speaker system, you can have the comfort and the assurance of expanding whenever and however you want. If you buy this system (all of it or one component at a time) you will be able to stream any type of music in all the rooms of your home with good performance. You have the freedom to make your own combination for obtaining the system that suits your needs.

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