Wireless Or Wired Home Theater – Which Way Should You Go?

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Most music lovers are falling for the wireless home theater systems due to their flexibility and convenience without considering the other side of the story. Well, it is not like we don’t appreciate the multi-room sound feature of the wireless home theater systems but again, we can’t be swayed away by the word “wireless”.

Don’t get sucked in simply because you hate the cable clutter mess that seems to take away all of your hard-earned interior décors.

There a number of important factors at play to consider before you rush into buying a wired or wireless home theater system. The following table makes clear the differences between the wireless and the wired home theater systems.

Home Theater


Wireless Home Theater

Wired Home Theater

FlexibilityThey are very flexible. Installation is quick and faster, even for starters. Fewer wires involvedLess flexible. You have to rethink the layout of your house and by more cable when you are making changes.
Sound QualityWireless systems have poor quality sound. This is due to the interference of the signal transmission.Be sure to enjoy the exceptional high-quality sound.
Multi-room soundEnjoying music from whichever room you want has become a realityThe length of the cables determine the number of places you can listen to music from
CostThe cost of most wireless home theater systems is way beyond the range of many consumers. E.g., Sony DAV-FR10W goes for$1,000

The price for most wired systems is within reach of most consumers. You can get a quality audio system with as little as $300

Transmission InterferenceSignal dropouts are common from time to time. Be prepared to live with the interference if you have a cordless phone, internet connection, microwave etc

The sound quality is exceptional and cannot be disrupted by other systems unless there is a technical problem.

VersatilityWireless systems have made it possible to place the speaker at the farthest corner of the room and control the entire system from a central position

Wired systems are less versatile. You have to do the entire reinstallation when making major changes

PortabilityLack of cable clutter makes it easy to move the audio components from room to roomYou have to live with the inconvenience of disconnecting and reinstalling every time you move the system.
Future ExpansionIt is easier to expand your system. You may only be required to add more receivers

Expanding the system becomes complex. You have to purchase more wires and but switches or connectors.


Despite the fact that most consumers hate the ugly picture of making holes through the wall and concealing unattractive wires, wireless home theater systems have their downfall too. In fact, few deserve to be called “wireless” as they can never be 100% wireless.

You can be sure to hate the quality of sound and other interferences if your home is fully packed with wireless internet, cordless phones and other home-based wireless systems.

The number one reason why it is advisable to stick to the wired systems is that of their reliable and uninterruptible performance. The quality of sound is exceptional and delivers the sweetness of music to the core. Wireless systems are exclusively flexible and convenient. They are also integrated with modern music features compared to the hardwired home theater systems.

However, not everybody will opt for the wired home theater system or go for the wireless. Factors such as personal preferences and most importantly, the home layout have to be taken care of before deciding which way to go. You can consult relevant experts who will consider your needs and help you with incredibly good ideas on what system is best for you.

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